16nm Decred ASIC

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The Materia1-TURBO

Our Decred mining unit, built for datacenter operations. Efficient, powerful, and low maintance.

Stacks on shelves or slides into a 3U rack to satisfy a wide range of facilities, from crypto garages to high availability mainstream datacenters.

Capture your share of the Decred Proof of Work reward and start voting!

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The Materia1 chips will be an order of magnitude more efficient than GPUs and will provide an edge over other ASIC miners on the network.

Easy Setup

We're making it easy to setup your unit. The Materia1 and the Materia1-TURBO will both have easily configurable UI so you can be online and mining in just a few clicks.


We have designed the unit to be affordable for everyone, so that it's widely accessible and significantly cheaper than a staking ticket.


We are going directly to a 16nm process, providing network security to the Decred network and delivering increased efficiency over competitors at higher process nodes (28nm).


You're in control of your hardware. No remote shutdown, no pool hardcoding, no hardware dev fee.

Datacenter Friendly

Engineered for datacenter or hobbyist use, the Materia1 has lenient temperature parameters and is a drop-in replacement for Antminer S9s.
The Materia1-TURBO is optimized for datacenter operations; Bigger units, less management required.



Tim Olson

Tim is a programmer and entrepreneur with multiple exits and bootstrapped businesses over a 25-year career. He's been working in blockchain since 2013 and has deep technical knowledge from the protocol level on up.

Tim Olson
@powhacker on Decred Slack


Salt started mining Bitcoin in 2011 after working as a Security Analyst. He has managed large mining installations and written custom code for pools and wallets. His experience in mining, pool operation, and blockchain security are essential to the team.

@vhsv3 on Decred Slack


7400 studied Physics and Computer Science at MIT, and has lead a distinguished 40 year career designing silicon for mainframes, PC's, graphics, digital video, and consumer electronics.
With over 200 million of units of his designs shipped to date, his work has likely occupied your office or living room at some point. He has been working on blockchain protocols since 2013, and believes Cryptocurrency will revolutionize money.




Decred community member & host of Decred Assembly.


Cryptocurrency trader, miner, and economic futurist. Blocktalk Youtube celebrity.


Host of Boxmining Youtube channel, global cryptocurrency outreach.


Operator of Suprnova, the premier altcoin pool, and master of mining protocols.

Frequently Asked Questions

We've decided to go directly to sales once our ASICs are ready to be shipped rather than run a presale. We don't have a date planned for open sales yet. Please see our announcement for more information.
Once the units are open for sale, they will ship a few weeks after purchase.
Simply put, we want to deliver the best hardware on the network to you. We had competition at the 28nm level. While our chip outperformed theirs, we weren't happy with minor improvements, so we moved to 16nm.

You can read more about the decision here:
Chip Upgrade // 16nm
We have successfully implemented a miner on an FPGA and are working with a fabless semiconductor company to move forward. Our team has successfully built ASICs in the past for other applications and has a deep understanding of the risks, validation techniques, and system integration.

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